Anti-Virus, Firewall and Malicious Software Protection

We have been looking into Security software that is able to protect you from Malicious software on Windows PC’s and Apple devices. After doing some tests, we have come to the following products.

Kaspersky Internet Security, F-Secure Safe, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and CactusVPN.

Kaspersky had been temperamental in the past and caused some issues. However, the latest versions are not creating those issues. We didn’t experience any delays opening applications or documents as we did in the past. Neither did we experience conflicts with other applications.

F-Secure is the second recommendation we have regarding protection software, due to its good performance and the low impact it has on the system. So on older computers it won’t slow down your productivity, and it doesn’t nag about other products they sell.

We use Malwarebytes on top our virus protection because it adds the ability to protect us for example from harmful advertisements. On our regular websites we visit, we have noticed that some advertisements are blocks due to potentially harmful websites or security concerns associated with the advertisement.

Links to the products are below.

Kaspersky Internet Security for PC, Mac and mobile devices

F-Secure Safe

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Privacy is getting more an issue with our Internet activities been logged and monitored. Using public wireless can be a security risk for that reason, using a VPN service can ensure your privacy and enable your security when you are using public wireless networks or are abroad having issues with connecting to your email accounts or other UK services.

VPN allows you to connect securely to a provider in the UK, or any other country, and surf the internet as if you were in that location. We have been using CactusVPN for a few years, and they have never let us down.

Links to the products are below.

Cactus VPN